Mobile Workshops are held on Tuesday, May 5 from 12-5pm

Rachel Werling

Environmental Education


Visit the High Desert Museum and interact with their program creators around exhibit and educational design. The Museum sits on 135 acres of pine forest and has a diversity of educational and interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits and activities. From character actors, to living animals, this Smithsonian Affiliate museum engages more than 170,000 visitors of all ages each year.  Join us and find some inspiration for your education programs.

Workshop fee: $40

Amy Jo Detweiler

Horticulture and gardening/landscaping


The High Desert environment of Central Oregon presents unique challenges to gardening and landscaping. Take a tour of a rooftop garden featuring native plants of the high desert, a water-wise garden, community garden and examples of fire-wise landscaping. Meet with OSU Master Gardeners and our OSU Horticulture agent, Amy Jo Detweiler.

Workshop fee: $40

Stephen Fitzgerald

Forest Restoration in a Fire Adapted Ecosystem


Tour the Deschutes National Forest

Collaborative Forest Landscape. Meet with members of the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project, learn about local restoration and outreach

projects around Bend, from planning to markets.


We will also visit the Tree Farm, a new WUI development on the border of federal land, and learn about this unique partnership and land planning initiative.



Workshop fee: $40

Glenn Ahrens

Water Resources


The high desert of Central Oregon is surprisingly well-watered by the Upper Deschutes River. But even this great high-Cascades watershed is strained to meet all the downstream demands for water. Explore the Upper Deschutes River, and learn about the complexities of balancing the needs of the aquatic ecosystem, irrigation for local farmers, and a rapidly increasing human population. End the tour visiting the production side of the Deschutes Brewery, to see (and enjoy) how the water flows through this thriving Oregon industry.

Workshop fee: $40

Brad Withrow-Robinson

Local Food Systems


Learn about the growing local food and beverage scene in the challenging high desert environment.  Join Clare Sullivan, OSU Small Farms Extension agent to visit a fresh market vegetable grower and a small livestock producer.  Hear how producers and buyers are building relationships.  Final stop at a craft brewery to hear from a barley grower/malter and the brewer who uses their malt. While at the brewery we will sample beer and appetizers made from products raised by our host farmers.  Yum!

Workshop fee: $40

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