Join us for a screening of the documentary The West Is Burning on Tuesday, May 25th from 4-6pm Pacific/7-9pm Eastern. A panel discussion will immediately follow the film.

THE WEST IS BURNING​ examines the history of forest management and social conflict that led to current conditions, causing longer fire seasons and unprecedented destruction. In the last 20years, wildfires have already burned an area the size of California and Florida combined. If nothing is done we’re likely to see a steady increase in wildfire impact across these shared landscapes. ​The film emphasizes the need to act now to generate positive change in our forests, watersheds, and communities.Six real life perspectives drive the film’s narrative to help raise awareness about the condition sof forests in the western U.S. Their stories demonstrate the need to embrace a new era of forest stewardship, and the unique partnerships that are being built across community-based organizations, government entities, and private and non-governmental organizations. These thought leaders highlight the need for a unified response to climate change, land use, and forest restoration, and emphasize the importance of community-based solutions to these challenges.


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