APRIL 30 - MAY 2


Interested in a mountain climb? John Punches, an OSU Extension Forester who also happens to be an experienced mountaineer and mountain rescue leader/trainer, has offered to take a small group up a moderately technical climb on South Sister. Prouty Glacier is the intended route and it should have plenty of snow in May. This two or three day event would feature a day of basic mountaineering training followed by an overnight camp near one of the mountain’s east slope alpine lakes. The group would start early the next morning to make their summit attempt. Weather permitting, the views are stunning. A second night in camp is generally not needed, but is an option. This pre-conference offer is informal (not officially connected with the ANREP conference) – contact John at if you’re interested. John will work with you to determine your climbing options and help you get prepared. Target dates are April 30 – May 2.

Want other options? Check out the Points of Interest webpage!


7:00-8:00am // Breakfast

7:00am // Registration open

8:00-9:30am // Concurrent Session D

9:30am // Networking break

10:00am-11:30 // Concurrent Session E

11:30am // Boxed Lunch

12:00pm // Mobile workshops depart

5:00pm // Mobile workshops return

5:30pm // Evening break

7:00pm// Evening banquet




1:00-5:30pm // Registration opens!

3:00-4:30pm // 5K Fun run

5:30-7:00pm // Welcome social

Evening // Dinner (on your own)




7:00-8:00am // Breakfast

8:00-9:30am // Concurrent Session F

9:30am // Networking break

10:00-11:30am // Regional meetings

11:30am // Wrap up and closing remarks

12:00pm // Lunch and adjourn

1:00-5:00pm // ANREP Initiative meetings

1:00-5:00pm // Post-conference Workshop: Volunteer-Based Programs

5:00pm // Dinner (on your own)


7:00-8:00am // Breakfast

Poster, Silent Auction, Exhibit setup time

7:00am // Registration

8:00am // Opening ceremony

8:15am // OSU welcome

8:25am // Ellen Bishop

8:45am // Mike Cloughesy

9:05am // Panel: Tiffany Hopkins, Andony Melathopoulous and Alicia Betancourt

9:50am // ANREP president welcome

10:00am // Networking break

10:30am-12:00pm // Concurrent Session A

12:00-1:30pm // Break for lunch including ANREP Awards Ceremony and the ANREP Business Meeting

1:30-3:00pm // Concurrent Session B

3:00pm // Networking break

3:30-5:00pm // Concurrent Session C

5:00-5:30pm // Evening break

5:30-7:00pm // Poster session with Hors d'oeuvres

7:00pm // Silent Auction closes

Evening // Dinner (on your own)




8:00am-5:00pm // Field tour

Travel to Chiloquin to tour the Chiloquin Community Forest and Fire Project (CCFFP). The CCFFP is a partnership between private landowners, federal and state agencies, and other partners. The purpose of the project is to achieve fire resistance, fire response, forest health, wildlife habitat, and grazing objectives on private lands on a landscape-level scale, across boundaries, with Fremont-Winema National Forest.


Along the way, we'll hear from people like you who deliver programs like the Citizen Fire Academy Program, Learn & Burn Program, and the Master Gardeners Firescaping Program.

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